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Some of our Machines

Come on, increase the speed
Let's chase the light that we once thought divine
Reflections in the sand

We stumble feverishly
Distracted by the secrets of our time
We never understand

We come and play and leave
And in between get easily annoyed
We're crippled by our needs

We race around like ants and bees
And dance our codes into the void
To end up on our knees

We march in tune to all the voices in our head
When living on the fast lane we're much closer to death
Now we're crawling on our bellies
Searching water in this valley

When some of our machines are much bigger than us
Some of our machines are much bigger than us, and
Some of our machines are much stronger than us, and
Some of our machines are much better thah us

Some of our machines are much bigger than us
Some of our machines are much bigger than us, and
Generally machines are more reliable than us, and
Generally machines are less pretentious than us

What we have touched with our words
Falls into place and into line
Encircled by its name

In our dreams we rule the world
We're shaping space and bending time
Yet perish all the same

We scan the skies for some advice
Searching the blueprints of a plan
A cosmic engineer

The world is silent to our cries
As no one answers our demands
We wonder why we're here

We're never satisfied with anything we find
Our paradise is lost 'til we find truth in our wine
Come pour me yet another 'til I'm too well-oiled to bother that

Some of our machines...

Give in now and rest
Maybe it is best
If you ignore the visions you have

All that you can hold
All that you can touch
Maybe you have tried for too much

Give in now and rest
Maybe it is best
If you forget the visions you had

All that you can hold
All that you can touch
Maybe you have wanted too much

Too much

(Music and lyrics: Jan Schoenmakers, Osny 6/2006, Bremen 8/2015 and Oldenburg 3/2016)


Queen of suburbia
As you light your cigarette your face dissolves
In the ice-cold neon rain
In these concrete flats your days get old
Move on

Dancer in the dark
It's past half past three, the clubs now close
So where will you go?
There's no home to find, just empty roads
Move on

It's the last boat on the mainstream
Exile on indie street
All against the grain, you're
Looking for a place
To be alone
In the heart of town

Blinded by the light
Another day has caught you unaware
And you're trying to make it right
But you're ever only halfway there
Move on

So go raise your voice
Where's the melody you want to howl?
You always choose choice
As you race ahead without a goal
Move on

And we're drifting through the quicksand
While the echoes swirl around
Different and unique, and
No one really knows
To be on their own
In this market town

There was a time before this fever
We weren't afrait to miss the train
Now, preoccupied with who to be,
We're fading out
In love with all the things that drain

Queen of suburbia
As you light your cigarette your face dissolves
In the ice-cold neon rain
In these concrete flats your days get old
Move on

(Music and lyrics: Jan Schoenmakers, Bremen 8/2013 and 4/2015, Cesvaine, 7/2014)


Delaying the Unknown

Come on
Light the way for me
There is so much ahead in the dark

Let's gather our strength
In our little hideaway
Here where we're safe

In the shadows we lie
In the shadows we breathe
There is so much to try
Are you ready to see?

I'm not letting go
Hold on to what we know
Delaying the unknown

Delaying the unknown

(Music and guitars: Adrien Delamarre, Lyrics and synthesizers: Jan Schoenmakers, August 2015, Bremen)


Handle With Care

I know I'm living in an unlikely state
A secret island in a sea of faces
This field of gravity that you and me create
Bending space and time to suit our needs

I wrap my life around you trying to keep you near
As the universe expands we're fighting entropy
You see this strength in me, but you don't see the fear
Tearing away the covers in my sleep

We race around the sun
Brilliant days have come and gone
We know our place, and know our speed

But if I lost you there'd be nothing left of me
But a veil of strength, an illusion of sanity
A hint of cynicism and a weary smile
I'd be a bottle with no water left inside

And this is not because I'm nothing
I'm so much more than the man I was
But chased by waves of repercussions
Don't overrate my strength because

I'm fragile
I'm glass under your hands
So handle me with care
Raise me to your lips
Don't set me down

At night I watch you as you breathe in the dark
Feeling enchanted and absorbed by you
And I recall how you resolved from the start
To live and flourish in the truth

Our dreams took wings yet we kept to the facts
As rain fell gently with the summer breeze
We made a pact, on the day that we met
To never hide and always seek

A beacon through the mist
Some kind of catalyst
With you I'm who I want to be

Without your warmth I'm but a shadow with a name 
Without your love I am a knight collapsed in his panoply
It's you who tought  me to let go of all restraint
And who enticed me to be brave enough to feel

I'm trying to stay here in the moment
As I lie naked in your arms
All pacified, I feel emoboldened
To look behind those false alarms

I'm fragile...

The universe winked at me
Falling stars have sealed our fate
A heavenly conspiracy
We must never explicate

(Music and Lyrics: Jan Schoenmakers, 12/2011, 5-6/2015, Bremen)



I left my hometown propelled by elation
I'd break new grounds and I'd conquer the world
I lost my homeland to alienation
Oceans apart as our pathways diverge

I gave my best, I believed I could make it
To put my dreams and ideas on the map
I went all in, laid my cards on the table
To meet an ocean of silence instead

Now I'm a stranger to wander on strange ways
I walk among you as far as I must
To stake my claims in the schemes of your games played
And from the sidelines I watch in disgust.

(Lyrics and music: Jan Schoenmakers, winter 2014/2015, Bremen.)



We drove down to the coast
I don't know why we faked it
Even when we got close
Somehow we never made it

Let's put our weapons down
And memorize our faces
The waves are closing in
Determined to erase us

We wanted so much more
Roaming these plains in vain, yeah
Let's leave this lustless shore
And stake another claim, we'll

Take back what's yours and mine
We'll break the bank together
A race against our time
A bet against the weather

Where're we gonna go from here
When the night sky has turned scarlet
And the road has disappeared?

Give me that precious fix
Yeah something to get high on
With all the strain eclipsed
We'll find a way to shine on

Let's get it in our blood
You know I will believe in
The ghost we've conjured up
The ghospel of deceit, we'll

Discard the here and now
Invent a better story
Enter the secret show
Conquer new territory

Let's bend the envelope
Muss up the judges' scores, and
Laugh out before we choke
Blueprint our au-revoirs then

Can we ever trust our eyes
When our nights are full of phantoms
And our days have lost the light?

It's a disconnect from our loyalties
Disconnect from all we've been, a
Disconnect in the way we feel, we
Disconnect and lose all meaning

Tell me - are we better of now?

We drove down to the coast...

(Music and Lyrics: Jan Schoenmakers, 7-11/2014, Bremen)


Life is a long, long time

I've just danced with you
My brain's paralyzed
I carry a vision inside

I want to find love
There in your smile
I just want to be with you

The light in your eyes
Is like the stars
Your hair is dark like the night

Your touch is the morning
Your face is the sun
The birds only sing your song

I cannot forget
The way we moved
I wanna drown deep in your kiss

Wherever I go
I find traces of you
It's your smile I have always missed

We've only just met
Yet I can tell
This could be a love so true

When I close my eyes
I imagine myself
Being so close to you

I give you my life
As a gift of love
You can read between the lines

There's no need to hurry
There's no need to run
'cause life is a long, long time

Life is a long, long time

(Lyrics and Music: Ole Schoenmakers, 1/2003, Heidelberg. Slight rework by Jan Schoenmakers, 10/2014, Bremen)



Sell your lies
Name the price
Is compromise

Take your pride
Open wide
There's a light
In your tide

You are carving
In your starving
The elation
Of appreciation

So I tell the operator
There's a virus in my data
As my time is moving backwards
All my past is left for later

There are voices in my silence
Reading hieroglyphic writings
There are pictures on my screen
That my eyes have never seen

I was born to be a fighter
Held my armour ever tighter
Flying naked through the subway
Feel my darkness getting lighter

Now a dolphin is my father
And I'm moving underwater
As I navigate the sea
See your beacon there for me

So still your sending your beams
Do you know what it means
When the realm of dreams
Meets the reality of schemes

Still your sending your beams
Do you know what it means
When the realm of dreams
Meets the reality of schemes

Still your sending your beams
Do you know what it means
When the realm of dreams
Meets the reality of schemes

Still your sending your beams
Do you know what it means
When the realm of schemes
Meets the reality of dreams...

Making love with your creation
In the temple of my mind
Here I savour a sensation
That my lips could never find

Leaning back into the maze
Of this mesmerizing trance
There's a rhythm in the airwaves
That my feet could never dance

Now my heart is bleeding silver
And my eyes are crying gold
I'm a diver through a kingdom
For my children to behold

There is nothing like the power
Of my enigmatic will
There are monsters in my forest
That your hunters could not kill

I'm arriving at the moment
Of my everlasting birth
When the end is my opponent
And my gun is fired first...

Then still you're sending your beams...

(Lyrics and Music: Jan Schoenmakers, 9.3.2005, Cape Girardeau (MO))


Iron Sky

Remember that night
The turn of the tide
Remember us drowning in that sight
I thought my heart was bursting
So full of passion
So full of life
We walked on the moon
We swam through the light
Embarked on our stardust-headed flight
We weren't ready
For disappointment
And all that fight
Now we're staring at the iron skies
Wearing our blind disguise
Break out again
Break out and see
Break out be

Do you remember?
We reached far beyond
Transcended the sky
With lust in our ever-yearning eyes
But heaven was an artwork
Drawn in the patterns
Of deceit
The walls are torn down
Now stars luster high
And here in this overwhelming night
I wanna have sex
With mother nature
No more staring at the iron skies
Opened my blinded eyes
And broke out again
I broke out again
I broke out to see
Though I've never been here, knowing
This is the place I've been conceived

Though I've never been here, knowing
This is the place I've been conceived, and it's true

You know it's true
Now I'm standing in this
Astral rain
And the
Stars are
Falling on you
Yes, I'm standing in this
Astral rain
And the
Stars are
Falling on you
I'm standing in this
Astral rain
While the stars are
Falling on you
Hear me singing in this
Astral rain
Hear my laughter
Break on through

(Lyrics and Music: Jan Schoenmakers, 7-8/2005, Mountain View (CA))


Das Licht gleißt am Himmel der traumschweren Stadt
Die Sonne sucht forschend einen Weg durch die Blocks
Die Wiesen sind still wie ein Meer ohne Zeit
Überm Turm dreht ein Bussard seinen Kreis

Der Sommer bricht schläfrig-verträumt seinen Weg
Die Straßen sind menschenleergefegt

Es wird Zeit, fahre, fließe in das Licht
Der Motor Dein Herz, die Räder Deine Beine
Bis zum Horizont, der Ewigkeit verspricht
Im Takt und alleine, dann schwebst Du vielleicht

Fliege fort, kehr zurück,
Die Lungen Deine Flügel,
Die Luft Deine Bahn,

Die Freiheit, sie trägt,
Dein Leben ohne Plan

Nur für Dich, halt es fest
Es gibt so viel zu sehen
Was war, ist in Dir,
Die Zukunft voraus
Du musst nur weiterfahrn

Träume, Sommerflieger, in der wärmestillen Nacht
Dein Traum Positionslicht am Himmel des Selbst
Stürze in Deine Tiefe, tauch ein
In das Meer, dessen Wellen Du denkst

Es ist Zeit, schwimme, gleite durch den Raum,
Unendlich das Lied, nur Deine Melodie
Du wiegst Dich im Wind wie ein einsamer Baum
Treib tief Deine Wurzeln, dann strauchelst Du nie

Atme tief, lass nicht los,
Vertrau auf Deine Seele,
Ein Ruf aus voller Kehle
Die Rüstung zerbirst
Das Glück bricht seine Bahn

Sieh hinaus, bleib im Fluss
Es gibt so viel zu leben
Was war, ist in Dir
Die Zukunft voraus
Du musst nur weiterfahrn...

Text und Musik: Jan Schoenmakers, 14.2.2002, Jena, 11.2.2017, Oldenburg

Time (with HilllArts)

The air in this room is too thin for me
But I have to be honest: it lasts too long to die
So I realize I will stay forever
And I'll have to find a way to deal with time

I have been drunk, I have been stoned
I've been working my ass off far too long
I've been on top, and I've been overthrown
I was cold and frightened, afraid that I would drown

I'm searching for the times that you will never find
Unless you will give a fuck
I'm searching for the times that you will never find
As long as you still try

So I keep moving to the beat of my heart
'Cause I got nothing left to lose but still a whole world to gain
The wall finally got it that I'm no brick after all
Now there's a brand new door for me, is it just another farce to explore?

You say there's no point in what I'm aiming for
'Cause truth is only what is recognized
Though every t-shirt, every button reads
"Freedom is what we are looking for"

There's no point in what you're telling me
'Cause truth is not a static thing, you see
It withers once we choose to disagree

I trusted those soldiers
Who built themselves a trap
Blinded even by their darkened lights

They're like honey clogging my mind
But standing in the rain I am no longer blind
Now I observe this circle from a distance
Yes, I can see clearly now your hearts all beat in line

I'm searching for the times...

I'm getting older
But I still burn
Collecting memories
No time to yearn

I'm getting older
But I still burn
Feeding on memories
It's not enough to yearn

It's not enough to yearn...

(Words and Music: Sascha Hilgarth & Jan Schoenmakers, 8/2016, Bremen/Oldenburg)


Approaching Noon

The sky is not as open as it used to be
But you stand on solid ground
You feel the gravitation as you move your feet
Knowing the wind won't whirl you around

The clock's chipping away at all that might have been
Your traits no longer in disguise
You know that you should focus on your truest dreams
As all the stakes are on the rise

Ballasted the ship needs stronger hands on the wheel, therefore it safely braves the waves
And since you've learned to set a sail it's up to you to navigate

So push forward
Towards your place to be
Follow your starcharts
And you will see

That reticence
Will never set you free
You're proficient
And you are real

Definitions are your helpers and your enemies
As your name becomes a brand
And they try to box you into their categories
So keep the aces in your hand

You're a serious contender and you learn the tricks
They demistify the game
You identify your scope the rules are never fixed
They rectify this stream in vain

The friction has increased so has your integrity, don't ever yield, don't ever break
And since you've learned to love yourself you can heal and propagate

And push forward
Towards your place to be
More and more
You learn to see

And ride the waves
To live the way you feel
As you embrace
Your destiny

Break out again
Break out to see
Break out be
Do you remember?

Pushing forward
(Feeling who you are)
Towards your place to be
(Sensing what you want)
You're proficient
(Feeling who you are)
And you are real
(Sensing what you want)

Follow your starcharts
(Feeling who you are)
To live the way you feel
(Sensing what you want)
As you embrace
(Feeling who you are)
Your destiny
(Sensing what you want)

So push forward

(Words and Music: Jan Schoenmakers, 5/2017, A1/Oldenburg)